Pysa is a single-entry personal accounting program that intends to provide a clean, intuitive and web-based user interface. It is cross-platform (written in Python) and does not any dependencies other than the Python installation (2.5).



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  1. How stable/usable is it?
    I have been using it for several months now to do my personal accounting and haven't lost any data yet :). Seriously, while it lacks some features that will make it more user-friendly, the software is already capable of being put to everyday use.
  2. What's with the name?
    Pysa is a word-play on Paisa (money in Hindi and some other Indian languages) and Python.


There are no publicly-available downloads at this time. This should change sometime soon. If you'd like to try it out, please check it out from subversion.


To run Pysa, you need one of the following:

Pysa also uses web.py. If you have web.py installed, you can download the version without web.py. Else, you can download the version that has web.py bundled.

Pysa has been tested on:


Please use the support forums to ask any questions or to report problems.